Not an April Fool’s joke

Curious what exactly the “jazz hands” are that feminists demand instead of applause, I searched for the definition. It turns out that it’s a term with many meanings (no pictures, but still NSFW). Yeesh. I think that violent, unrestrained applause would be less upsetting than most varieties of “jazz hands.”

3 thoughts on “Not an April Fool’s joke”

  1. The only reason for “jazz hands” I am aware of, besides jazz dancing, is in lieu of clapping for deaf people since their language is visual not audial.

  2. What about the coffeehouse-hipster snapping of fingers?

    Then again, that’s pretty exclusive, because some of us can’t do that. (I can’t, for some reason).

  3. I suspect that whatever you do, no matter how innocuous, there will be someone who declares that it is offensive or traumatizing.

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