I returned home a few minutes ago from renewing my driver’s license. During the time that I spent at the license bureau, at least two hundred people stood in line waiting their turns. Not a single person (other than me) brought a book to read.

5 thoughts on “Observation”

  1. I confess that I tend to carry around my iPod, but I listen to Chopin, Boiled in Lead, Beatles, FLiszt (Victor Borge educated me on the proper pronunciation), Neil Finn…But when there is going to be a longer than average wait I will bring a book with me. However in Fairbanks at the DMV it might be 1/2 hour at the most.

  2. Must be the neighborhood. I was at the DMV to renew the car’s registration a couple of weeks ago. Not only did I have a book, several other people did, and at least two of us were reading the new Harry Potter.

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