Paging Dr. Boli

Where has the Celebrated Magazine gone?

Update from Dr. Boli:

Please Stand By
[Illustration: Enemy hackers storming the walls]
…while we fight off an army of malicious hackers. Enemy agents are well aware that the key to disrupting the economy of our fair land is the control of Dr. Boli’s Celebrated Pub­lishing Empire. They have been foiled, of course, but it may take a few days to restore normal service.

Update II: The magazine is back at last, and on a new server.

Update IV: Things at may still not be perfectly secure. When I tried to take a closer look at the instance of bilocation here, I got this message:

(Image edited for accuracy.)

Update V: See J Greely’s comment to this post. However, you still have to click through the fake warning to see the picture, which is inexcusable.

One thought on “Paging Dr. Boli”

  1. The “attackers may be trying to steal” warning is browser-vendor bullshit that pretends the worst possible case is the most common; it’s pure FUD. In this case, in the process of setting up the new site, there was a mismatch between what the server handed out as its name and what the SSL certificate listed as valid names. It seems to be resolved now.

    A correct warning would have been, “hey, it looks like you’re accessing this site from a name that doesn’t match the one on the SSL certificate; it’s probably just a simple error, and if you’re not sending passwords or credit cards, it’s harmless.”


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