Pigs, birds, trains

… and now for something less depressing. Here are some lines and fragments from various poems that occasionally pop into my mind. See if you can identify the poets and poems. I’ll post the answers tomorrow.

1. Fat! Fat! Fat! Fat!

2. No. Not this pig.

3. … yuck-a, yuck-a, yuck-a, yuck-a …

4. I have awakened at Missoula, Montana, utterly happy.

5. … boxcars boxcars boxcars …

6. May God damn for ever all who cry “Peace!”

7. Polyphiloprogenitive

8. What I tell you three times is true.

N.B.: The spoiler system for this website apparently doesn’t work for comments. Don’t read the comments until you’ve made your own guesses.

6 thoughts on “Pigs, birds, trains”

  1. I know #8, and I bet I can guess the author of #7 but can’t tell you which work it’s from. Do you have a way of marking spoilers? If so, what is it?

    1. (spoiler) hidden text (/spoiler), with square brackets instead of parentheses. I.e., the same as on your site.

  2. OK! #8 is The Hunting of the Snark. I’m pretty sure that #7 is something by James Joyce, probably Finnegan’s Wake.

    I changed the font color for your guesses to white. Highlight to read.

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