3 thoughts on “Quiz time”

  1. this can’t be a US Wal-Mart, can it? My goodness – having read all I have about underemployed English majors you’d THINK a few would be hired there.

    Or maybe they tell them “We pay you to put the crap on the shelves, not correct our signs.” (Or: “Pay you crap to put on the shelves correct our signs not.”

  2. I traced it back as far as a Reddit thread from about a year ago, where several Walmart employees chimed in and said that Corporate supplies a bunch of sign templates to be filled in and printed on the store’s photo printers. Sort of what this sign might have looked like if the gas station had had a color printer.


  3. Speaking as a copyeditor/proofreader: On the one hand, I like thinking that as long as these problems exist, I will have work. On the other hand, that’s true only if the clients actually care about fixing errors.

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