I just a note from my brother:

I’m getting a laptop tomorrow. Any recommendations?

I don’t use laptops, and if I did, they would be Macs, which I don’t think he is interested in. Does anybody have suggestions for him?

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  1. Anything but a Vaio.

    Well, let me amend that: Also, I’ve had really good experiences with the HP laptops I’ve come in contact with over the last year. Keep in mind that I’m talking about the professional line rather than the consumer line, however.

  2. Hmm, I’d have said “VAIO”, having purchased more than twenty of them over the past few months, but then I had two drop dead and another lose touch with the audio hardware. Those are all BX640P48s, though, and all the others (three different models of SZ, a C, and a TZ) are still rock-solid (knockonwood, knockonwood). Better than our experience with Dell and Alienware (now part of Dell, oddly enough).

    If I had the luxury of evaluating new standard models, I’d get one from HP and one from Lenovo, and run them side-by-side with a Sony for a month, winner take all. Since I don’t, I’m going to keep buying Sonys for a while, and lean on our supplier to make sure we don’t get any more lemons (note: when you receive laptops whose serial numbers range from 0008 to 0035, you may experience build-quality issues…).

    If I were to buy a Windows laptop for myself right now, it’d be a VAIO, but not a BX, and not one of the low-volume CTO models. I won’t, since Windows runs just fine on my MacBook, but I’m seriously thinking about picking up one of the tiny UX models while I’m in Japan.


  3. Thank you all for your advice. Matt decided to go with an HP. We’ll see how much he likes it and Vista.

    Incidentally, Dr. F. Otaku, Askimet doesn’t trust you at all. Does it know something I don’t?

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