Respect your elders

Rory 1

Rory Mercury demonstrates the proper attitude to take with politicians in the eighth episde of GATE.

Rory 2

Rory 3

Be courteous to goth-loli girls, particularly when they are 961 years old and carry axes that strong men can’t budge.

Bonus: a framed picture of Rory. (Click to embiggen, right-click to download.)

Portrait of Rory Mercury

Rory is certainly an eye-catching and entertaining individual. However, my favorite character is the quiet, observant and blunt mage Lelei. (Update: Steven comments on Lelei.)

2 thoughts on “Respect your elders”

  1. Echoing your thought: I like people in general, and those of the female gland in particular, to be what they seem to be. That’s reflected in the computers about our house: mine is named Horo, my wife’s laptop is Togame, and the one controlling the projector in the basement is Evangeline.

    Obviously, our next will be Rory. Lelei is a close second.
    Oh: nearly forgot: my smartphone is Chachamaru.

  2. I really like Leili as well, a beacon of common sense. Her backstory, what little we know of it, goes a long way to explaining why she is so practical and good with languages.

    This is a really smart show.

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