Return to Paragon City

2 a.m. December 1, 2012

Eleven years ago NCSoft notoriously shut down City of Heroes, the first superhero MMORPG. I recently discovered that it has been revived, albeit unofficially. Someone obtained the code several years ago and ran it on a clandestine server. Word eventually got out, the code was shared, and there are now several Cities available online. I’ve been playing a little on “Homecoming.” Avatars I’ve designed so far include “Alpha Ralpha” and “MacCruiskeen,” with probably “Willy McGilly” and “Jirel de Joiry” to follow.1

This might be of interest to John C. Wright, if he doesn’t already know.

Update: NCSoft has granted Homecoming an official license to host City of Heroes. It looks like the game will be around to play for a while.


  1. “Gallagher” (after Henry Kuttner), or “Gallagher++” if the name is already registered, might be fun. I expect that there already a “Severian,” but if not there ought to be. Ditto “Brick Bronson.”