Seasonal note

There are three signs that spring has arrived in Kansas.

1. The first lawnmower.

2. The first trail of ants in the kitchen.

3. The first tornado siren.

As of 8:27 a.m. this morning, when I heard the insufficiently-distant roar of a small gasoline-powered engine, spring is 33.3% here.

One thought on “Seasonal note”

  1. I am now (attempting) teaching-from-home, right now maily by recording myself explaining the material and posting it online. Shortly I will be trying face-to-face meetings.

    Three times in the past week I’ve been interrupted by people mowing or edging. Between that and the goofballs who just NEED to share their terrible taste in music with the rest of the neighborhood, work from home is….not going as well as it might.

    I will go mad once the ice cream trucks start up for the year (if they do; maybe they are COVID-19 collateral damage?)

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