Explosive action

Nothing worth watching on television? Eyjafjallajökull not doing much these days on the rare occasions when it’s not hidden by clouds? Take a look through the Sakura-jima webcam. When the weather is clear, you probably won’t need to wait long to see a nice column of ash burst out of the crater. Sakura-jima has been almost continuously active since 1955.

You can control the camera, by the way. Click on the box with crosshairs at the bottom right of the viewer and wait for the countdown to end. The bar to the right of the picture controls the zoom, and the little box under the picture controls where the camera points.


A different sort of video: Arthur C. Clarke, Benoit Mandelbrot and the Mandelbrot set, with a soundtrack by David Gilmour. (Via Steven Riddle.)

Towering sponge

Here’s the most bizarre video I’ve seen recently. (Patience is required; it takes forever to load.)

There are more sponges and other three-dimensional fractals here, here and here.

Addendum: For sheer trippiness, nothing beats the Mandelbrot set. Here’s the classic fractal video, “Nothing but Zooms,” presented in four parts. Unfortunately, the image quality is low, even for YouTube.

Part one
Part two
Part three
Part four

Here are some more videos of varying degrees of gimmickiness featuring the ultimate paisley.

This one
That one
This other one

What’s the Mandelbrot set? Let Jonathan Coulton explain. (N.B.: naughty words.)