That time of year

The Japanese calendars I ordered last month finally arrived. The “Yotsuba&!” calendar was a major disappointment. Instead of Azuma’s drawings, what I got was a collection of uninteresting snapshots with a small sketch of Yotsuba drawn on each. On several of them she’s barely noticeable at all.

The “fortune cat” calendar, though, I am quite pleased with. I had intended to give it as a gift, but I may hang on to it.

Speaking of calendars, here’s one you’re not likely to find in the USA.


Sing-up and help send Hatsune Miku to Venus.

2 thoughts on “That time of year”

  1. Eh, inking and coloring can do ‘orrible things to original art. Much more so when somebody decides to integrate 2D sketches with photo art. I’d guess that the photoshopping is to blame for most of that muddied mess.

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