The return of the archer


More fun with focus stacks in stereo. This one is composed from 58 images in two stacks. It’s a cross-view stereo, i.e., the right eye focuses on the left image and the left eye on the right. Cross-view images are not as comfortable to view as parallel-view, in which the left eye focuses on the left image,1 but they can be much larger.

You can view this at various sizes by clicking on the picture or opening it in a new window. At the largest size (1920 pixels wide) it probably won’t all fit on your monitor, but you will be able to see the upper half in great detail.


  1. The “magic eye” pictures that were faddish a decade or two ago were disguised parallel-view images.

3 thoughts on “The return of the archer”

  1. oh my gosh. I finally got my eyes to do it. That’s cool.

    (My left eye is much weaker than my right so sometimes I think those stereoscopic things don’t work as well for me. I know my depth perception is not always the greatest….)

  2. I can never get these sorts of things to work… I only see three static images straight across. And “magic 3D pictures” are, I’m convinced, an elaborate practical joke.

  3. There is a knack to it that is hard to explain. However, if you see three images, you’re halfway there. Focus on one particular detail in the middle image, and the entire scene should soon snap into place.

    Some people have a harder time free-fusing stereo images than others, including some photographers who make stereograms. They have to rely on stereo viewers to see their own work.

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