Things I learned from Baccano!

• It’s okay to be an idiot if you’re extroverted and enthusiastic.

• There is a lot of blood in the human body.

• Corporeal immortality isn’t necessarily a blessing.

• For every psychopath, there is an equal and opposite counter-psychopath.

• Don’t overlook the timid milquetoast.

• Befriend any homunculus you meet.

• There are ways of dealing with immortal thugs.

• Share your windfalls.

• If you want a conductor’s uniform, buy your own.

2 thoughts on “Things I learned from Baccano!”

  1. “For every psychopath, there is an equal and opposite counter-psychopath.”

    Isnt that true…that corresponds to the real world rather nicely, like…for every Hitler there is a Churchill, for every Bin Laden there is Bush, and so on.

  2. Also,

    Running on top of trains is safer than walking or crawling slowly.

    Drink more wine, in case you get lucky.

    Cry more usually, so you won’t cry when you need to FIGHT.

    Knives are better than guns, but circus tricks are better than knives.

    Do not put your face on the ground when on a moving train.

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