Three impossible things

So there might be a live-action Noir? If it’s made, I expect it will be a botch, and I doubt that I’d watch it. Still, I’m curious to see how the crew handles the less plausible aspects of the anime, such as:

• Mireille’s magical skirt. It’s very, very short, yet there’s no panchira.

• Bloodless gunmen. Enough people are killed to furnish a small war. There should have been enough blood shed to float a battleship, yet there’s scarcely a drop shown.

• The lava lake in the basement. Both the heat and the gasses should have been instantly lethal, yet nobody even sweats. (And how could anyone possibly erect a building in such a place?)

2 thoughts on “Three impossible things”

  1. It’s on a cable pay channel, so the “no panchira” and “no blood” rules I expect will be tossed. (That may qualify the whole thing as a “botch,” if that tone is considered an integral part of the story.) Shooting men in dark suits with small-caliber pistols may be passably bloodless (or blood-light), but some of the things Kirika does with improvised knives would be hard to swallow.

    For clothing, I’m more interested to see how Mireille gets around in those high-heeled boots in a combat situation. Without Birdy’s gravity control, I can’t see how those are a wise choice.

    And the volcano? You would not *believe* their air-conditioning bill. And they had one of those radon-mitigation things put in for the fumes, I guess. (OK, maybe two or three of them.)

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