5 thoughts on “Today’s word”

  1. Because of the hopeless state of my mind, I’m now thinking of a mash-up between Mr. Norman St. John Polevaulter, who for the last five years has been contradicting people (“No I haven’t!”), and the “No No No Cat” of YouTube fame who passed away recently.

    Perhaps my wife is right and I really should go talk to someone…..

  2. “Nyetovshchik.”

    Speaking of, would you recommend your state to a political nyetovshchik? One who is traditionally religious, with a homeschooling family? I ask, because I have for the past year or two been checking in on your blog because I find your writing style interesting… and the wife and I are trying to escape the madness of our home state, much like Mr. Moore has mentioned elsewhere that he is considering doing.

  3. At the moment, Kansas is probably as good a place as any to raise a family. It’s almost certainly a saner choice than any of the states on the east or west coasts. However, the good people of this state recently elected another thoroughly progressive governor (they earlier elected Kathleen Sebelius), and I am not optimistic for the long run. Note also that there is little scenery, the weather is either too hot or too cold and always too windy, and cultural activities are sparse.

    1. Okay, that is good to note. Kansas is one of the options but not the only one, and we are not to the point of making a decision yet. I figure I’ll be displeased with the weather wherever we go, so I pay attention more to the financial, political, and cultural aspects.

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