Too fast for the drive-through

Spangles restaurant on West Street.
Spangles restaurant on West Street.

This past week has been a bit too eventful for my taste, but I did get a chance to stop for lunch at one of the better fast-food places in town.

3 thoughts on “Too fast for the drive-through”

  1. I don’t know cars well enough to identify it. It’s possible that it was constructed from the remains of more than one vehicle.

  2. It’s a 1957 or a mockup. The broken line in the headlight socket is, from what I remember, unique to the 1957, and that’s definitely a 1957 front bumper (which could be put on a different car, of course.)

    I don’t know if they still exist, but there used to be a chain or franchise of TGI-Friday’s-like restaurants called “Chevy’s”. I haven’t eaten at one in twenty years, and haven’t seen one in possibly that long as well. I’m reminded because the “big” sign on the front of the restaurant featured the front clip of a ’55, ’56, ’57 or ’58 Chevy.

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