Train time

Unlike California, Kansas is probably the flattest and least photogenic of the fifty states, and I live in probably the flattest and least photogenic city there. Instead of mountains and lakes, I have to make do with taking pictures of grain elevators and defunct train stations, such as this one. Like most panoramas, it’s best viewed in full-screen mode. If you find the interactive panorama too dull, right-click on it and view it as a “small planet.”1


  1. If you can’t see the panorama, try a different browser.

One thought on “Train time”

  1. Neato! The old station at Main & C (or D). I used to live in that house across D street from there (111 E. D, iirc). I mean, I have stories, but from the street view it looks like the Mexicans finally burned everything else down. Not to be too judgemental, but the guy in the house next door (now gone) was housing a bunch of illegals in the “unoccupied” house next to that. Killed about 4 people when one of the guys was smoking and caught his bed on fire. Back in the 1990s most of the vehicles in the lot at the old station would be late 70s through mid-80s GMC vehicles, becuase the keyways on the ignitions had those ears, or tabs on ’em, so you could break the key off in the ignition and it didn’t look like there was a key in it. That let all the other SF (or later BNSF) employees borrow your vehicle without having to leave a key at the office (which wouldn’t be open anyway).

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