Cropped to make the point clearer
Cropped to make the point clearer

I have no intention ever of watching Queen’s Blade. I hope I never meet anyone who writes about it. ((With the possible exception of Ubu, who reported on the first episode of the first season (not for the squeamish).))

Update: Evidentally, my point isn’t clear. One of those who wrote about about Queen’s Blade titled his post “I would love a tentacle rape,” which is distasteful enough. The other gratuitously used one of the most offensive words in the English language.

3 thoughts on “Ugh”

  1. The most disturbing thing about that page was Miracle Train. What a stupid show.

    Queen’s Blade is only bad if, say, you get turned on by it. If you simply watch it because it’s funny, like me, then you would discover that it is awesome, and very fun to write reviews on.

  2. Heh, thanks for the exception. I quit because, aside from the stupidity, they didn’t get Listy naked within the first three episodes.

    Of course, I’m still in therapy due to having watched the first three episodes, but it would have been worth it…

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