Back in May I picked up five orchids at an auction. Three are in good shape and doing well, as far as I can judge. However, one turned out to be infested with mealy bug, and another promptly lost most of its roots; i.e., 40% of my purchases had problems. That is not satisfactory. (I think I managed to salvage the ailing pair, but it will probably be a year or more before they’re presentable again.)

Perhaps I might have better luck buying plants online. I recently ordered a few from Orchids by Hausermann. The box arrived this past weekend. Let’s open it up.

Shredded paper.

Individually wrapped in The Chicago Tribune. (I washed my hands when I was done.)

Partly unwrapped, showing the shredded paper protecting the plant held in place with masking tape.

The first plant unwrapped is Macradenia multiflora, in a 2.25″ pot.

The largest plant, Prosthechea cochleata (or Encyclia cochleata).

Front, left to right: Angraecum didieri, Cattleytonia “Jamaica Red,” Brassavola nodosa; back: Macradenia multiflora, Prosthechea cochleata.

All are potted in bark chips and look healthy to my non-expert eyes. Note the abundant roots of the Brassavola; I have high hopes for that one. Most of these are “beginner” orchids, which means that they might survive my care and perhaps even thrive. Cross your fingers.

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  1. You have introduced to me two concepts I did not know existed: “beginner” orchids, and ordering orchids online for delivery by people who do not specialize in organic items delivery. So it’s a good day.

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