Welcome to the successor of The Kawaii Menace and Scuffulans hirsutus. There’s still a lot of fussing and tweaking to do, and I may well change the name and template yet again, but the place is organized enough now that visitors shouldn’t get too lost.

Don’t hurry to update your links. Once I have everything in place, I’ll redirect my other domain names (tancos.net and tancos2.net) so that old links will take you here.

I decided to merge my two weblogs. I don’t post enough these days to warrant maintaining more than one. I know that few people share my range of interests. If you are not interested in animation, skip those posts; if that is all you care about, skip the rest.

The WordPress export/import process worked fairly well, but there were some glitches. Most of the music and many of the pictures that I’ve posted in the past didn’t make the transfer. Unless one of the missing pieces is of particular importance, I’m not going to worry about it. There will be plenty more new things here.


If you didn’t vote in the poll at right at The Kawaii Menace, please do so here. It’s not necessary to have seen every single nominated character to vote. (I’ve transferred the results from the poll at the old site, so if you did vote there, please don’t vote again. (If none of the characters are familiar, then you probably shouldn’t vote.))