What’s in my camera?

Let’s see….

The local used motorcycle dealer established a “2 Wheeler Park” across the street from his shop, featuring grass, daylilies, roses, and a few motorcycles that are a bit past their prime.

Currently the most vivid color at the nature center is provided by the red-leaved redbud cultivar.

While my predecessors here apparently spent little time maintaining the lawn, they did have an interest in grass, of a sort. I have enough problems with stray cats in my yard. I mow all the grass so I don’t have to deal with stray hippies as well.

The first of the allegedly hardy Delosperma seedlings is blooming already. This one is a diminutive plant, smaller than its picture above. The flower is perhaps three-eighths of an inch across.

I didn’t plant poppies this year. It isn’t properly spring without them, though, so I let a few of the volunteer seedlings remain.