Who needs Gundam?

Not me. I strongly prefer pretty girls to mecha.

I scanned another batch of Newtype pages, this time from the August 1990 edition. The issue’s theme is “We want Gundam,” so here is a token page of miscellaneous Gundams:

Fortunately, most of the magazine is devoted to other things. Some pictures bring back memories …

… bad memories.

Some I don’t recognize.

Others are more familiar.

A surprising amount of space is devoted to matters that aren’t anime-related. Robocop gets a few pictures, and there is a feature about The Hunt for Red October.

There are the inevitable music features.

Miscellaneous scans:

In addition to the usual poster, the magazine came with a smaller magazine of manga, Genki. It featured a work by CLAMP that I don’t recognize.

One thought on “Who needs Gundam?”

  1. You know, I never actually finished Nadia. I have this big pile of DVDs, and one day I just stopped. Makes it unlikely that I’ll be buying the recent remastered Blu-ray box set.

    Well, that and the fact that it costs $600…

    First unknown is Like the Clouds, Like the Wind, next is a piece on a “top fantasy artist” who has apparently been forgotten completely (Mitsuda Hitoshi; seriously, I found nothing), and the black-and-white is Duklyon: Clamp School Defenders.


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