8,979 shows too many

I recently discovered that the Internet Archive contains over 100,000 live concerts that you can download, free and legally. Most of the performers I haven’t heard of, but there are quite a few of note. Acts represented include Bela Fleck and the Flecktones, Brave Combo, Hot Club of Cowtown, as well as my recent enthusiasms Estradasphere and Secret Chiefs 3. There are also 8,980 Grateful Dead concerts. The archive also gives me a chance to sample bands who were previously just names to me, such as bluegrass eccentrics Split Lip Rayfield and Bad Livers, and just plain eccentrics like Hypnotic Clambake. The recording quality varies; most concerts I’ve listened to sound like good bootlegs.

Let’s all do the “Bulgarian Boogie.”


Now let’s do the “Hokey Pokey.”


One thought on “8,979 shows too many”

  1. I’d suggest to you Moxy Fruvous. The concert from the Iron Horse 1996-08-29 is quite something, and Live at SUNY-Geneseo 2000-04-30 would be one of their last concerts. A pity, because they were at the height of their abilities… right before they “went on hiatus”.

    12 years and counting…

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