A modest luncheon proposal


Some miscellaneous nonsense to get you through the rest of the week. I forget where I found most of these.

4 chords

Planning to move soon?

Which way?

Howie and friend


Wrong bus

Today's weather

Actually, the “nightmare” and “soup” zones are largely coincident.


It did happen here

There are more covers here.

Blame the professor for reminding me of this, one of the few National Film Board of Canada products I’ve endured that isn’t pretentious drivel:

4 thoughts on “A modest luncheon proposal”

  1. Well, apparently the LD 50 of water for rats is a lesser amount (in g/kg body weight) than the LD 50 of sucrose (the substance-du-jour of finger wagging nannies everywhere), so maybe water IS dangerous.

    1. A radio station back East had a contest with the main prize being the best video game of the time. The contest was to see which entrant could drink the most water. The woman who “won” also died because of all the water she drank.

      1. Yup, I’m familiar with that story; have used it as an example of the problems for cells from too much water in my basic bio classes. (IIRC, her brain swelled because of the cells taking up too much water)

        1. Blood cells burst due to the properties of osmosis. That is why IVs are never just H2O, but a combo of potassium, sodium, calcium, etc.

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