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  1. Owwwww.

    I think I’m seeing one plate (with pins) and two screws, but I’m not sure what the horizontal piece does… Does it all stay in permanently?

  2. There are nine screws and one plate. Six of the screws hold the plate in place; two anchor the other broken bone, and the long screw holds the ligaments in position. I don’t know whether the hardware eventually comes out. The hospital staff may have been exceptionally pleasant and helpful, but it was still very hard to find out anything.

  3. Hi Don, I’m a good friend of Robin’s (she took care of me for weeks after I had *my* ankle/foot surgery. Now, I’m told I can take the boot off and wiggle my foot around to get the mobility back but, it keeps swelling up and turning black and blue whenever I do that. Also told I don’t need the crutches anymore but same thing–hurting like crazy and swelling. Of course it’s the weekend, I went back to keeping the boot on 24-7 and using the crutches again along with elevating my foot. I’ll call the doc today—did you experience this? Is this normal when you start moving it around? I feel like I took 1 step forward, 2 steps back–depressing, to say the least. I’m wondering if the break on the top of my foot isn’t quite healed enough to start movement yet.


    (Answered via email.)

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