Coming attraction

Red weather

It looks like tomorrow will be a good day for catching tigers.


One county away

Spring has sprung. We should hear the sirens any time now.

Update II: The tornadic storm fizzled out by the time it reached my neighborhood, and all we got was an hour or so of hail, none of it larger than half-dollar diameter.1 While this was undoubtedly a great disappointment to tornado aficionados, I have better things to do with the rest of the month than find a new place to live.

The greatest danger was inside the house. The only time I listen to traditional broadcast radio is during violent weather, when one of the local country stations intensively covers the meteorological events. They occasionally interrupt the descriptions of hail and flooding for commercials and public service announcements, the latter of which are mostly courtesy of the “Ad Council.” The mean sanctimony of these PSAs is sufficient to choke 2.65 SJWs and incalculably many people of normal sensibilities. They create a powerful temptation to punch the stereo speakers, which would hurt my hand.


  1. When is the last time you saw a half-dollar? I can’t recall the last time I spotted one, and I haven’t held one in years.

5 thoughts on “Coming attraction”

  1. That settles it. I absolutely must have a purple nightgown with green rings. And maybe a beaded ceinture. I like beaded ceintures. And purple. And green. (Sorry about the red weather.)

  2. Yeah, tomorrow evening is gonna suck here. They’re pretty much EXPECTING really bad weather; campus safety sent around a list of where the tornado shelters are.

    though since the heavy weather is supposed to come around 10 pm, I think I’ll take my chances with a mattress and my bathtub….it’s creepy up on campus late at night.

  3. Stay safe.

    Also, who decided that a “marginal risk” was riskier than a “general risk”, and a “moderate” one riskier than an “enhanced” one? Do I just not English good anymore?

  4. Glad you’re OK, and I feel your pain re: the Ad Council. My main radio option is the campus radio station — about 33% of the playlist comes from my CD collection. However, it runs PSAs every 20 minutes, and the bulk of those are from the Ad Council. I find myself longing for the spots from the Will Rogers Institute — or turning the radio off.

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