Counting them down

Yesterday Charles Hill posted an instance of musical hybridization. According to iTunes, that particular song is the third-most-frequently-played tune in my collection. I’m surprised, too.1

For the heck of it, here’s my top ten, according to iTunes.

#10: Shoes, “Cruel You”

#9: Norman Greenbaum, “Canned Ham”

#8: The Rodeo Carburettor, “Bonnie” (You might want to turn the volume down for this one.)

#7: The Rascals, “See”

#6: Yello, “The Evening’s Young”

#5: Rhinoceros, “I Need Love”

#4: Roxy Music, “Editions of You”

#3 The Sir Douglas Quintet, “She’s About a Mover”

#2: The Mauroks, “Susan”

#1: Onmyouza (陰陽座), “Onikosae no Uta ~鬼拵ノ唄”

Expanding the list to the top 25 brings in The Hollies, Type O Negative, Spooky Tooth, Neil Young, Mott the Hoople and Charan po Rantan, among others.

Make of this what you will.

Are these actually my favorites? Nah. I like them — some of them quite a bit — but they’re the most-played because each is on several of the more active playlists that I’ve compiled.


  1. I watched the video when it was first broadcast ‘way back in ancient times and thought that Sir Doug sure didn’t sound British.