Charles G. Hill, perspicacious observer, superior wit, and brony, passed away last September. Although his death was not unexpected, it was a bitter loss. However, we did have over twenty years’ worth of commentary at his website to peruse at our leisure. Or so I thought, until just now when I clicked on the link to Dustbury and saw the above.

Hopefully, Hill’s writing is archived somewhere, and perhaps someone will do for him what J Greely and Pixy Misa did for Steven Den Beste.

Update: Greely found that at least part of Dustbury is available from the WayBack Machine.

2 thoughts on “Damn”

  1. The mirrored copy came to 2.2 gigabytes, which includes some duplication and cruft due to the way his blog software worked. If he has heirs that could get access to his wordpress server/account and do a real export, it could be migrated more easily.

    But it does look like the archive is pretty complete. It’s easy enough to do things like replace all the internal links that explicitly contain http://www.dustbury.com and make them relative, delete any leftover PHP code to ensure that it stayed read-only, and host it pretty much anywhere.


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