Dance and more

Let’s take a break from ballet and look at some other kinds of dance. Via Mark Sullivan comes this example of dance as a martial art:

Bonus points if you can identify the pianist.

Via Robert the LLama Butcher, an outstanding canine performer.

And there’s the dancing stormtrooper of Akihabara.


One more reason why I intend to remain the last person in North America without a cell phone.


If three women together mean “mischief,” what would, say, three geeks mean?


An epic win for the Japanese: the Gurren-Lagaan Jack. 

 Via Will.


Let’s get into the Olympic spirit: 

 Via the Rat

One thought on “Dance and more”

  1. One of my high school teachers used to joke that he wanted to make a movie featuring Irish dance as a martial art (starring me). Looks like someone beat him to it.

    I’m a little annoyed that the Irish dancer is wearing the wrong kind of shoes for the moves she’s doing, but it’s a funny vid.

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