Did we land, or were we shot down?

Miscellaneous links and nonsense:

David Bentley Hart, from the May 2014 First Things:

Journalism is the art of translating abysmal ignorance into execrable prose.

A look at brilliant, psychotic Joe Meek, who changed the sound of music.


Stereo pictures from WWI. A couple of notes: stereograms made for hand-held viewers use the parallel method of viewing, not the crossed-eye. I.e., the right eye focuses on the right image, the left eye on the left. It is possible to free-fuse the images, though it is easier done than explained. Let your eyes relax and drift apart until the images of a well-defined region in the pictures, such a the bright sky through the roof in the above image pair, start to overlap. Focus on that region until the images snap together, and you should then be able to see the entire scene in perspective. (You’ll need to sit back at least two feet from the monitor if you want to see the full-size images at the link in stereo.)

There was some discussion recently at NRO about noise in theaters and concert halls. Here’s some commentary from one of my favorite movies, Tampopo.

Feminism or satire?

The point of recapitulation in the first movement of the Ninth is one of the most horrifying moments in music, as the carefully prepared cadence is frustrated, damming up energy which finally explodes in the throttling, murderous rage of a rapist incapable of attaining release.

Unlike too many highfalutin’ artsy types, W.H. Auden may seecretly have been a decent human being.

Bill Murray may also be a nice guy.


A hundred-millionth of a second.

The worst sitcom ever aired.

Pick a fandom. Any fandom.

Motorcycle or My Little Pony?

Captain Puerto Rico


Randian literature

Smart phones

This side up