Dreaming meat

Not anime, but of interest to science-fiction and music fans: Frëd Himebaugh of the Fredösphere has composed a fifteen-minute opera using Terry Bisson’s short story “They’re Made Out of Meat” as the libretto. You can purchase it here for 89¢. See also Frëd’s earlier posts here and here.


In case there’s anyone who hasn’t yet seen it, here’s the best Touhou video I’ve seen in a while:


Catholic News Service apparently didn’t think to google the name they chose for their multimedia service.

2 thoughts on “Dreaming meat”

  1. Oh, WOW. I was going to get some things done this evening, but instead I think I’ll download and watch that video a few more times instead.

    (Highly relevant to my interests? You could say that.)

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