Junk mail

While I was technically a member of the Stupid Party for many years (you have to declare an affiliation to vote in a primary in Kansas), I never, ever considered joining the Evil Party1. Therefore, I was a bit surprised to find the above in my mail this week. I think I detect a whiff of desperation in the air.


  1. Also a stupid party, but not the Stupid Party.

2 thoughts on “Junk mail”

  1. I thought the choice was between the Stupid Evil Party and the Evil Stupid Party.

    Same deal. The only interesting voting here in the California is in the Democratic primaries, where you can sometimes vote against the greater of two evils. So, since you have to declare, or get to be ‘independent’ and thus have no say on who is running from either party, I register with the party whose candidates I can almost never vote for.

    The candidates from the Evil Stupid Party, OTOH, provide an opportunity to vote against the candidates of the Stupid Evil Party – who will win anyway, like clockwork made in Chicago, no matter what I do.

  2. Biden’s campaign is explicitly targeting Republicans and especially *former* registered Republicans, looking for those unhappy with the current Republican party. I suspect they will get some hits…whether it’s enough to make a difference I have no idea. Polling still looks good in general for Biden, but that doesn’t mean as much as *where* the votes are.

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