Love, Labrador

The Kousanji family

Five episodes in, the story in Kyousougiga is taking shape, and it looks like that underneath the Carrollian whimsey and name games, it is exactly what it purports to be, a fairy tale of love and rebirth in the Kousanji family. It’s difficult to encapsulate the show beyond that. ((Crunchyroll’s description of the show is “Enter a description.”)) Instead, here are a bunch of screen caps from the second episode, “Episode 1,” to give you an idea of the flavor of this willfully eccentric series.


Physicist's nightmare

Easily frightened



A bodhisattva

A different sort of bunny girl


Everything is better with a labrador retriever

Rabbit, frog, monkey

Pulling the ladder up behind herself

Little planet projection


Fun, fun, fun

Beyond the looking glass

Kurama's place

Yase's place

Happy family scene

An ordinary evening

Go fetch


Myoue and friend

Time to go

The observers

Myoue and girlfriend

Strange meteorological phenonena

At Kurama's HQ

Kurama and Fushimi

Between worlds

Introducing another Koto


Koto's familiars

Jonathan has more screen captures and a synopsis of the first few episodes.