Something stinks


Okay, for the sake of a story, I can suspend my disbelief in sentient submarines and ships. I can accept “mental models” of these vessels that look like adolescent girls. I can even believe that stuffed bears eat carrots. But I cannot believe that any military would store vital materials on Iwo Jima . “Sulphur Island” is the tip of a rapidly-inflating volcanic resurgent dome, and it’s rising out of the sea at an average rate of about eight inches a year, rendering any harbor or dock temporary. Soon, geologically speaking, magma is going to meet seawater, catastrophically. The creators of Arpeggio of Blue Steel need to do better research.


Shin Sekai Yori depicts a future in which adults are frightened of children. We’re already there. (Via Ace.)

2 thoughts on “Something stinks”

  1. A stockpile of supplies, and modernizing the airstrip seem reasonable, especially if the island is used as a firing range, but any major infrastructure investment is silly.

    Unless in the far future it has long ago gone all ‘splody and is now in a more geologically stable phase.

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