Memo to Steven

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Whether or not the Moore tornado has been forgotten depends on where you are. Here in Flatland it’s still very much in the news, providing opportunities for puff pieces on our Consoler-in-Chief such as this.

One thought on “Memo to Steven”

  1. And tornadoes aren’t conducive to national news coverage.

    They don’t linger to be reported on for days or weeks, like floods and hurricanes and wildfires.

    There’s never enough warning for big evacuations, thus no stories about that.

    They don’t displace entire major cities or states, like floods/hurricanes/wildfires/earthquakes can. Thus, no acres of lousy FEMA trailers, or cities full of people packed like sardines into sports stadiums.

    They appear, completely destroy a relatively small line of stuff, usually in a low-population-density area (the “heat bubble” over metropolitan areas tends to deflect tornadic thunderstorms out to the thinner suburbs), and then they’re over. That really doesn’t leave a lot for the media to say, once they’ve been there to take pictures of the empty spots that used to be houses. Which actually helps, since media and political grand-standers and other various gawkers just get in the way of disaster cleanup. I speak from experience.

    (I’ve been through both a tornado and a flood (and a lightning strike, if close calls count), and the flood was far and away the worst to endure.)

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