Miscellaneous silliness

Ubu watched Linebarrels of Iron so you don’t have to.


“This is either going to be a laugh riot, or I’m going to want to hurt somebody.”

The one in pink is Sherlock Shellingford, not to be confused with Sherlock Holmes.

Just wondering: what exactly does the word “milky” signify to the Japanese?


Here’s the second-most impressive Touhou video I’ve seen: ((The most impressive remains this one.))

Then there’s this:


I enjoyed The Triplets of Belleville — one of the few movies I’ve seen in a theatre this century — and I’ve been waiting impatiently for Sylvain Chomet’s next movie. Unfortunately, The Illusionist is apparently a disappointment.


Can’t get out for your morning run because of the weather? Crank up your organ and dash through Chopin’s “Revolutionary” etude:

(The 19th-Century Czech pianist Alexander Dreyschock played this piece with left-hand octaves, which is at least as impressive a stunt as this.)

(Via Frëd.)

4 thoughts on “Miscellaneous silliness”

  1. I’m starting to wonder whether “Milky” isn’t actually supposed to be “Murky” (okay, “mirky”), what with the Sherringford/Shellingford thing.

  2. Oh, and the whole Usagi hairband thing is very frightening. Unless they are wishing to imply that Sherlock is an alien moon princess or something, in which case it’s still frightening but not gratuitous moe.

  3. There exists such a thing as a “milky hat” in Japan “casual felt hat (originally white)”. So, members of the Milky Holmes Agency wear Holmes-ish felt hats.

    The general use of “milky” seems to have come from “milky white”, but the color element has been lost for hats. The members of the girl-group Milky Hat wear black ones.


  4. Huh. Well, I suppose this is more evidence for “hats are coming back in style”, but not the way I wanted it. 🙂

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