Notes from Nineveh

The bishop administered Confirmation this Pentecost Sunday at the Cathedral this morning. While he was annointing the confirmandi, a string quartet in the choir loft played the “nocturne” from Borodin’s quartet. I would have enjoyed it under other circumstances, but this was the wrong place and time for the music. I suppose I should grateful that it wasn’t Marty Haugen or the St. Louis Jesuits.



Rose season has begun, with Tiffany, above, and the ubiquitous Dr. Huey, below.

Dr. Huey


And there go the tornado sirens.


Update: the sounds of a peaceful May afternoon in Kansas.

Update II: What almost happened. As near as I can judge from what I saw on the radar and what I’ve read, the rotation went directly over my place.

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  1. You’ve got the same sirens we do… I pressed play on that “peaceful Kansas afternoon” and nearly dove for the bathroom (no safe way to get to the “basement” from my apartment).

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