Few people read. I went to the DMV this morning to renew my driver’s license. There were at least fifty people there waiting for their summons, but the only book in sight was the one I brought with me. I expected that there would be a few Kindles and iPads in use, but nope. Everyone just sat there, doing nothing.

3 thoughts on “Observation”

  1. Maybe it’s just a Pennsylvania thing, but I’ve never spent more than ten minutes waiting in a DMV, and I rarely get that far into any book I bring for the “wait”. Not really worth cracking the book open…

  2. Here there’s only one office that handles driver’s licenses for the entire county of a half-million people, and wait times are notoriously long. Yesterday went faster than I expected, but I still had time to re-read “The Crime Wave at Blandings.”

  3. I rarely read books when other people are around. I am too sensitive to noises and distractions. However, since I got a smartphone I often surf the Internet and read articles online when I have to wait somewhere.

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