On Geneon


My middle shelf, where I keep the top-shelf anime

To put the recent news concerning Geneon in perspective, here are some of the titles on my shelves with a Geneon (or Pioneer) label:

Haibane Renmei
Serial Experiments Lain
Cardcaptor Sakura
Someday’s Dreamers
Sugar, a Tiny Snow Fairy
Paranoia Agent
Ah! My Goddess Movie
Magical Project S

… not to mention Bottle Fairy, both copies of which I bought I sent to nephews and nieces, and others on my shelves I haven’t watched yet.

That’s three of my personal top five and many more of my favorites. Geneon peddled a lot of crap, but the number of first-rate titles they released more than compensates for the garbage.

I wonder if the “pre-licensed” Seirei no Moribito ever will actually be available in America?