Piano mysteries and more

Here’s about two week’s worth of accumulated trivia.

I lost patience with radio years ago. The only time I listen nowadays is during storm warnings. Consequently, I never knew the Piano Puzzler existed until Angela at Mommy Bytes recently mentioned its tenth anniversary. Each week, pianist Bruce Adolphe arranges a “familiar” tune in the style of another composer, and the contestant’s task is to identify both the composer and the melody. I can usually identify the composer right off, but naming the tune is often difficult. What makes the segments memorable is Adolphe’s fantastic ingenuity in devising his arrangments, which must be heard to be believed. He does things like combine Schubert with Gershwin, Gershwin with Copland, The Fantasticks with Berg, spirituals with Handel, “Old MacDonald Had a Farm” with Brahms, etc., and makes each combination, no matter how unlikely, work. You can stream the programs or download them here. My favorite so far is the April 6, 2011 program.


I gather that there’s another round of Olympics scheduled for the current hurricane season. Yawn. Let me know when the low jump coverage begins.

More Bob & Ray: here’s their venture into the realm of mirror balls and bad music.


Here’s miscellaneous art I’ve come across recently. I don’t remember where I found most of these.


Postcard from Daikoku City: a date with Miku.


Some band I’ve never heard of based a music video on one of Osamu Tezuka’s short films. Meh. Tezuka’s piece is superior in every respect, including musically.


Closing thought, via Dustbury:

“It is terrible to contemplate how few politicians are hanged.” — G. K. Chesterton

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  1. That puzzler thing sounds a lot like what Peter Schickele does sometimes. In his “Bach Portrait” he mixes, at one point, the air on the G-string from Bach’s third orchestral suite with “Camptown Races”.

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