Pictures, not necessarily pretty

Something for your eyes while I work on stuff to hurt your ears.


Inside Typhoon Soudelar a couple of days ago. There are a couple more plots here.

Tanaka Reina

What the hell is this supposed to be? (From here, via .clue.)

Shall we dance?

So when do we see some Rory Mercury cosplay?
Update: J. Greely found an example; see his comment below.

Windoze Nineball

Windows 10, Gensokyo edition. It doesn’t have spyware, by the way. (Useful background, if you’re not familiar with Cirno.)


A picture is worth 19 words, or one word 19 times. What’s that word? ((Let’s not forget the Rivingtons.)) (This and the previous picture via the Brickmuppet.)

Bonus link: Things that look like that other Donald, but not as repulsive.

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