The purpose of digital rights management …

… is to punish the legitimate user.

Please excuse me while I bang my head against the wall some more.

I installed more capacious hard drives in my computer this weekend. To my immense relief, Photoshop didn’t have to be reauthorized (dealing with Adobe is no fun whatsoever). However, most of my Native Instruments synths don’t work now or are back in demo mode, and the NI registration processes are not merely perversely complex, they don’t even work. Idiots.


According to Steven,

… there’s something wrong with your page that makes IE pop up a “stack overflow” error every time I load it.

Hmm. TKM works fine for me in Safari and Firefox, and if there’s any dodgy code in the WordPress template or plugins, I didn’t spot it when I skimmed through the files (not that it would be obvious to my non-expert eyes). Has anyone else had problems with this page recently? If so, what symptoms did you observe and what browsers did you use?

Dear State of Kansas Department of Revenue

You would like me to submit my tax return electronically. I would myself prefer to do my taxes online. Every year I visit your website and try to log on, and every year I end up yelling at the computer monitor. This time, I got this message after filling out several screens of forms:

You are not currently logged in. Please go to the WebFile Home page to login.

On the next screen, I get this:

You appear to be already logged in.

It’s been at least four years now, and you still can’t tell if I’m logged in. The hell with it. You’re getting a paper return yet again, and you will always get a paper return from me until you fix your !@#$ %^&* web site.


The concept of the “lethal radius” (the radius of the circle within which the number of survivors of an event equals the number of fatalities without), useful in discussions of bombs and music technology, is also relevant to perfume science.