Testing, testing …

I haven’t been able to get the mp3 player that Astro uses to work, so I’m experimenting with the 1 Bit Audio Player. Here’s a piece from the Denno Coil soundtrack. There should be a little speaker icon after the link. Click on it to hear the tune. If you don’t see it, or if the music doesn’t play, please let me know.

Kodomo no Asobi

Here’s another possibility:


One thought on “Testing, testing …”

  1. They both worked well for me, Firefox2/Windows here.

    I actually prefer the larger of the two presentation, just because progress bars are handy for media usage. With the first one I started to think I wasn’t going to hear anything after a few seconds, then the music kicked in. There isn’t much in the way of feedback that it’s actually working. Mind you, I imagine that both could be useful under different conditions.

    What I need is one of these that’ll do Ogg Vorbis files as well as MP3s.

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