Thank you …

… Bandai, for simplifying my winter viewing. As a matter of policy, I don’t download series once they’re licensed. ((I’ve only made one exception, Seirei no Moribito, and that was just as well, since it’s now in limbo with Geneon’s departure from Region 1.)) I don’t need to worry any more about Shigofumi or true tears. In fact, I probably will never see them at all, unless Bandai changes its insane pricing.

I may take a look at Hakaba Kitaro or watch a few more episodes of Spice and Wolf, but more likely I’m going to skip the current season entirely and view some of the DVDs I’ve bought that I haven’t yet watched. Or I might just listen to Bach. In any case, posting will continue to be spasmodic.

Update: Pete and Avatar comment.

3 thoughts on “Thank you …”

  1. I do things a bit differently, but came to the same conclusion…I don’t download series unless I’d actually consider buying them. Shigofumi actually looks like the best show of this season, but it’s in no way worth that much.

  2. I’m the same way. Shigofumi and True Tears are gonna go into my NetFlix queue until either they go into the bargin bin or are in a reasonably priced box set. Not spending $270 on a 13 episode series (or necessarily a 26 episode series for that matter). Sorry Bandai Visual…

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