That darn cat

Usagi meets Luna
Usagi meets Luna

A few notes on The Return of the Revenge of the Son of the Bride of Sailor Moon, Fit the First:

• The opening theme for Sailor Moon is “Moonlight Densetsu.” Period. Anything else is wrong, particularly if it involves Momoiro Clover Z.

• Kotono Mitsuishi is Sailor Moon — that is, the Kotono Mitsuishi of 20 years ago. Now she’s in her mid-forties. She’s still one of the best voice actresses in the business, but you can hear the strain in her voice as she tries to sound like a fourteen-year-old

• The first episode of the rebooted anime follows what I remember of the original fairly closely. The differences are mostly improvements. Mamoru isn’t quite as insufferable as he was the first time, for instance, though he’s still a pompous twit.

• Usagi’s bawling has potential as an offensive weapon.

• The art looks vastly better than in the original anime. The character designs have been tweaked to follow the manga style more closely, which is a plus overall. Unfortuntely, it also tends to emphasize the bug-eyes.

I will punish you

Should you watch it? If you are a Sailor Moon obsessive or are interested in mahou shoujo/sentai team hybrids, it’s worth sampling. Most other viewers will find it rather silly. I might watch more, or I might not.


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  1. The second picture down sort of looks like she is wearing a colorful Jar-Jar Binks helmet.

    And there ends my ability to ever watch a single episode of Sailor Moon.

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