The maskerade

A few weeks ago I announced my intention to never mention the CCP virus again. Unfortunately, the creeps and nitwits who run the country1 and their media accomplices won’t leave me alone, so here’s another small collection of notes from the medical front of the war on civilization. I’m putting the rest of the post below the fold, so those who are sick of this nonsense can skip it.

Joseph Moore:

Closed; Opened; Closed. Wear masks; don’t; do. Flatten the curve; wait for cases to fall; wait for a cure; wait for a vaccine. Above all, panic as long as we tell you to panic. The police will enforce compliance with every rule. You get away with backyard parties and shamelessly showing your face in public at our pleasure, which we can forcefully revoke at any time. Our chosen ones can burn you houses and businesses down and even kill you with our blessings.

And there is nothing you can do about it.

Yet the powerful don’t need public displays of their power unless it is threatened.

And again:

I have 4 medical professionals within my immediate family/friends. Two are retired nurses; one is an active nurse supervisor; one is an active surgeon. Two are cowering at home, terrified. Guess which 2? Yep, the retired nurses. The active nurse, who is in a position to know exactly how many COVID patients are being treated across a large medical medical system, is unimpressed. There’s no there there – single-digit patients admitted, and no deaths except where the patient was already seriously ill. The surgeon, who is a cancer survivor so in a theoretically much higher risk group, is furious at what has been done in the name of medical science, and scoffs at the lockup and masks.

A couple of graphs, via William Briggs:

Could it be that the increase in the number of “cases” is driven by the sustained rise in the rate of testing?

So why go mask-crazy now, when the epidemic is over? Perhaps an Irish perspective might be illuminating.

(Via American Digest.)


  1. I’ve tried to think of a politician of note who isn’t obviously bound for Hell. The only possibility who comes to mind is Donald Trump, and he only because he was elected less than four years ago. The longer he stays in office, the grimmer his prospects for salvation become.

One thought on “The maskerade”

  1. Talking with another friend I’d forgotten was a retired nurse – she was military, I think, for much of her career. She has been telling people to calm down since Day 1 -and been getting shunned and called names for it. So, the real count (until I remember another friend/family member in medicine) is:

    – 3 retired nurses, two cowering, one exasperated;
    – 1 active surgeon, infuriated;\
    – 1 active nurse supervisor (she like runs nursing for a big medical system, I don’t know what her tittle is) – appalled.

    So 2 for, 3 agin it.

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