Today’s quotes: straws and charity

Joe in Indiana:

Seriously, of all the plastic waste in the world, why straws? Little plastic tubes must be a fraction of nothing in the giant landfill we call Earth. How about getting rid of the plastic packaging that surrounds just about everything as an anti-theft measure these days? You can’t cut it, tear it, pry it apart, or even bite it open. We bought a new toy for the granddaughter and by the time we got it open she was too old for it.

Ken the Brickmuppet:

… there’s no greater expression of charity than forcing other people to sacrifice.

One thought on “Today’s quotes: straws and charity”

  1. Can we get #BanTheClamshell trending? I’ve cut myself (more than once) on the sharp edges those things have when you cut them open. I get the desire to prevent theft but surely there are better ways than entombing a $5 computer gadget in a pound of plastic.

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