Wayback and forward

Jorma Kaukonen’s Catholic joke, via Stevie Coyle1 of the Quitters:

Q. How many Catholics does it take to change a lightbulb?
A. (Raises hand, extending three fingers) One.

I discovered a couple of acts worth investigating at this year’s Walnut Valley Festival. Muriel Anderson, who wrangled chickens for Chet Atkins, plays a hypertrophied harp guitar that combines guitar, bass and music box into a single instrument. Feel like dancing? Can you count thirteen?

She gets around perfectly well on a regular six-string, too.

The Quitters2 are two of the founding members of the Waybacks. Much of their repertoire is recycled from the Waybacks — not that I’m complaining.

Winfield is mostly acoustic music, but occasionally someone plugs in.

The Matchsellers are not on the same level as the preceding, but at 11:30 p.m. they’re fun. They’re probably best appreciated after a few beers.


  1. “Not even several years of playing Folk Masses on Sundays could quash his musical spirit.”
  2. or Quitters Duo