Words, words, words, and pictures, too

All my old websites will soon be disappearing. They’ll be gone in January, if not by October. I recently spent some time browsing my retired weblogs, copying posts that might be of interest to visitors here. I sorted them into sixteen categories and posted them as static pages. You can find the categories listed as “ancient texts” under the “more” heading in the sidebar. And here:

Critics and other idiots
Haruhi and Haruhi
Kid stuff
Mahou shoujo
Miscellaneous — mostly anime
Just plain miscellaneous
Personal notes
Sailor Moon
Silly stuff
Osamu Tezuka
Why watch anime?
yoshitoshi ABe

I also rescued the “boy or girl?” quiz and added a few more pictures, bringing the total number of questions to twenty. Those who know their traps should do well; the rest of us — well, the average score among my friends was two right out of fourteen in the earlier version.

(I may be experimenting with different themes in the near future. I don’t like the way the current one, “Gemini,” handles static pages, and I couldn’t find an obvious way to fix the problems.)