Ear protection recommended

Recently I’ve been investigating last.fm, hoping to find some new music worth listening to. I was surprised today to discover that there are not just one, but two pages there devoted to my music. (There are also three distinct bands named “McClane.”) Of course, someone has me confused with the guy who sang “American Pie,” ((I was frequently told when I was younger that I looked just like John Lennon (as does Aziz), so I have the name of one singer and the face of another, neither of whom I particularly like.)) but I spotted some of my own tunes in the lists. I claimed one of the pages and uploaded some of my old tunes. ((There may be some new tunes soon; cross your fingers and keep the earplugs handy.)) The curious and incautious can listen to them there, or you can click on the player at the botton of the sidebar. The tunes include a couple inspired by Haibane Renmei. In “Kana’s Toy,” I imagined that Kana finds and repairs an old music box, to which a couple of her nestmates dance. Haibane Suite is a portrait of one of the haibane that ABe doesn’t mention. The sections are “Dream;” “Off to Work;” “Saturday Evening at the Abandoned Factory;” ((“Washerwoman’s Bransle,” from Arbeau’s Orchesography)) “Reading by Halo-Light;” “Calm, Rational Discussion;” “Night.”

2 thoughts on “Ear protection recommended”

  1. Very kewl page.

    So what are you going to do about the *other* Don McClane page, which has your usual screen name (and looks to have been seeded from your contributions to that online music competition)?

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